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Attorney Spotlight: Daniela Walters Teaching IP Law at Oakland University

At the Dobrusin Law Firm, we are committed to sharing our legal knowledge in a way that empowers individuals and helps the community at large. To that end, attorney Daniela M. Walters is an active educator and began teaching an intellectual property (IP) course at Oakland University on October 26th.

The course is for students enrolled in the University’s paralegal certificate program and those pursuing continuing education. This short seven-week special topics course is designed to equip students with the basics of patent, trademark, and copyright prosecution. Daniela plans to offer this course multiple times throughout the year, ensuring accessibility to a broader audience interested in IP law.

Oakland University’s paralegal program is a comprehensive one-year, cohort-based evening program that covers essential legal topics such as law, contracts, torts, legal research and writing, and litigation. In addition to the core curriculum, students have the option to explore specialized topics, including the IP course, as well as subjects like auto law, family law, and estate planning. Moreover, the program emphasizes practical experience by requiring students to complete a one-semester-long internship, ensuring they gain at least 100 hours of invaluable law office exposure.

No Stranger to Education

Daniela Walters is no stranger to education when it comes to Intellectual Property. Her dedication to empowering her community shines through her regular volunteer work with organizations in Pontiac and Oakland County, where she leads IP workshops aimed at making this complex subject accessible to all.

One of her contributions is her involvement with Centro Multicultural de la Familia, where she takes the initiative to conduct IP workshops in Spanish every few months. These workshops are designed to benefit a wide range of individuals, from those contemplating starting their own businesses to those already on their entrepreneurial journey seeking resources to sustain and strategize effectively. This effort is part of the broader Community Navigator Pilot Program by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and being administered by the Pontiac Community Foundation for the City of Pontiac.

Pontiac is home to a vibrant Spanish-speaking community with many entrepreneurs, and Daniela’s workshops in their native language bridge the gap, making IP concepts more approachable and actionable. In addition to her work in Spanish, Daniela has also been actively teaching similar workshops in English for the past few years in partnership with T. Ramsey and Associates, demonstrating her commitment to making IP education accessible to a broader audience.

Through her efforts and collaboration with organizations like Centro Multicultural de la Familia, the SBA, and the Pontiac Community Foundation, Daniela continues to be a driving force in educating and empowering her community in the world of Intellectual Property.

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