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LexisNexis Releases 2021 Edition of “Intellectual Property Culture: Strategy and Compliance” Co-Authored by Eric Dobrusin and Kristen Pursley

First released in 2007, “Intellectual Property Culture: Strategy and Compliance” provides lawyers and company executives with practical advice for constructing and managing intellectual property-oriented business cultures in the United States and abroad.

LexisNexis recently released the 2021 edition of the book, which features extended discussion of U.S. Supreme Court patent cases and federal statutes along with additional tips and tools. Dobrusin Law Firm shareholders Eric Dobrusin and Kristen Pursley are part of the writing and editorial team behind this authoritative IP reference.

According to the publisher’s note:

Filled with illuminating examples and anecdotes from the authors’ real-world experiences, the book contains valuable practical advice along with sample agreements, notice letters, employee training materials, patent status reports, IP policies, questionnaires, timelines, and other resources.

To learn more about “Intellectual Property Culture” or purchase your copy, visit the LexisNexis online store.

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