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WTR 1000 Recognizes Two Attorneys From The Dobrusin Law Firm

World Trademark Review (WTR) recently featured attorneys Erin Klug and Rebecca Wilson as part of its WTR 1000 for 2024. WTR has also listed The Dobrusin Law Firm as a Recommended Firm. Focusing exclusively on trademark practice, and recognized worldwide as the “go-to” resource, this annual list is meant to showcase both firms and professionals who have distinguished themselves in their ability to obtain, protect, and enforce trademarks.

Those recognized in the WTR 1000 can receive one of three designations: gold, silver, or bronze, depending on the qualifications and experience of the individual. Erin and Becky each were awarded the prestigious gold designation.

Selection for the WTR 1000

Selection for the WTR 1000 is competitive and intense. Before a firm or individual is chosen, WTR will conduct an intensive investigation into the firm or individual’s background. WTR is especially concerned with the candidates’ experience, sophistication of work, and reputation in the marketplace.

WTR may also conduct telephone and in-person interviews as part of its investigation. Additionally, firms may be asked to submit information to the WTR that describes candidates’ actions and activities related to the trademark industry.

Erin Klug

Erin Klug is widely regarded as a skilled and talented intellectual property lawyer whose clientele includes businesses from industries as diverse as the cannabis industry, automotive industry, and real estate industry. She has been featured in the WTR 1000 since 2022.

Erin is one of just 29 individuals throughout Michigan recognized in this year’s WTR 1000. Furthermore, Erin’s recognition as a gold member of the WTR 1000 makes her one of only seven individuals in Michigan with this designation.

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson represents a wide range of clients, including clothing designers, small breweries, and medical device companies — with a keen focus on trademarks and copyrights.

Becky has been featured in the WTR 1000 three years in a row, and she joins Erin as one of the 29 individuals from Michigan who made the WTR 1000 this year. Adding to her accolades, Becky was designated gold in the WTR 1000 this year, making her one of seven people in Michigan to receive this honor.

The Dobrusin Law Firm: Recommended by the WTR 1000

Beyond the recognition given to attorneys Erin Klug and Rebecca Wilson, The Dobrusin Law Firm itself also received recognition. Only seven firms throughout Michigan were recognized as recommended members of the WTR 1000 — and The Dobrusin Law Firm was one of them.

As reasons for recognizing The Dobrusin Law Firm, WTR states, “Michigan-based IP boutique The Dobrusin Law Firm offers clients worldwide expertise at midwestern rates and is revered by larger firms for its expertise in trademark filing.” The collective work of all its lawyers led to the firm’s inclusion with the WTR 1000 as a Recommended Firm.

Congratulations to Erin, Becky, and all of the attorneys at The Dobrusin Law Firm!

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