Patent Services to Protect Your Intellectual Property

With extensive experience in all phases of provisional or non-provisional patent practice. Our attorneys at The Dobrusin Law Firm use a strategic approach in providing business-relevant patent services.

Our expertise includes handling chemical, materials, polymer, biological, mechanical, computer processing, and business process-related technology.

Our Patent Attorney Services Include:

United States and international patent application preparation

Working with a patent attorney with experience in patent law and the identification of patentable inventions to drafting meticulous claims is key to ensuring the innovation you have spent quality time on is strategically shielded from infringement. A patent lawyer should have a keen understanding of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) domestic and international standards and treaties. Our team of patent attorneys aims to provide a guided and strategic transition from domestic to international protection.

United States and international patent application prosecution

Are you considering legal action in a patent dispute or violation? Whether you are pursuing patent protection domestically or internationally, patent prosecution requires competent navigation of complex legal and technical issues. Patent attorneys, with notable experience, can guide you through the protection process with an increased chance of securing patent protection including patent searches and the entire patent process.

Preparing and prosecuting appeals before the United States Patent and Trademark Office

If you are facing an adverse decision from the USPTO or an international patent office, you have the option of appealing. Filing with the right office or board is key to being in the posting to reverse a decision. Different bodies have different jurisdictions in which their decision to uphold, reverse, or amend will be heard. Fortifying your position is our utmost goal by providing compelling and strategic positions.

Preparing and prosecuting re-examination and reissue proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office

If you find yourself in the two distinct procedural challenges of re-examination or reissue with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a patent attorney could be extremely beneficial. Both of these proceedings are important for the confirmation of accuracy and validity. It is of true value to obtain an experienced patent lawyer to develop a strategy or discuss your options for increased success.

We collaborate closely with counterparts in the United States and across the globe to secure patent coverage, oppose patents, and defend our clients’ patents during opposition by remaining up to date on intellectual property law.

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Find answers to frequently asked patent questions at our Patents FAQ page, or follow the links below to learn more about the sectors we practice in:

Biomedical Technology

When partnering with a patent attorney, you safeguard your biomedical innovations, maintain a competitive edge, and maximize the potential for success in the marketplace. Clients in your situation have faced copycat concerns domestically and internationally when not strategically filed. Additionally, having a patent for your biomedical technology could springboard funding and solidify your foothold in an emerging market. Our team will also assist in minimizing the potential denial of your technology patent

Chemical Technology

A patent attorney specializes in safeguarding intellectual property rights, ensuring that your advancements remain protected and exclusive to you.
Neglecting to enlist a patent attorney when uncovering a breakthrough in chemical technology can pose significant risks. Our team of patent lawyers are well versed in the patent process for chemical inventions. Weak federal protection of your patent and denied applications could leave your formula exposed. Securing a patent will allow for further development and your exposure to being a target for imitations.

Materials Science

Have you forged a groundbreaking material? Choosing not to engage a materials science patent attorney, when uncovering a breakthrough in science can have significant weaknesses. Without legal representation, your groundbreaking discoveries are vulnerable to infringement and exploitation by local or overseas competitors. Failing to secure the expertise of a legal professional may result in missed opportunities for commercialization and financial gain. More so, your unprotected materials are easy prey for imitation. Competitors can steal your composition, hindering your market lead and future development.

Mechanical Technology

Have you crafted a revolutionary mechanical invention? Patent law for machines can be complex. Without an attorney, navigating the patent process can lead to denied applications or inadequate protection, leaving your invention exposed to imitations. When making strides in mechanical technology it is imperative to secure your invention with the strategic guidance of an experienced mechanical technology lawyer.

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