International Trademark


Business from across the United States and around the world turns to The Dobrusin Law Firm for help with their international trademark applications and infringement needs.

To provide greater efficiency in the management of our clients international trademark matters, our Intellectual Property lawyers coordinate trademark filings, prosecution, and other matters concerning trademark registration with an associate qualified to practice in a particular country or regional territory where protection is being sought.

Our international trademark practice includes the following services:

  • Legal counsel on international trademark clearance
  • Advising clients on appropriate use of trademarks, including brand labeling and packaging that will comply with government regulations
  • Advising businesses on the appropriate selection and protection of labels and branding for international trademarks
  • Searching databases of international trademarks
  • Preparing and prosecuting international applications for trademark registration overseas
  • Post-grant trademark registration dispute resolution and legal services
  • Recording international security agreements and trademark assignments
  • Providing due diligence concerning international trademark assets relative to mergers and acquisitions
  • International trademark dispute resolution services
  • Litigating and resolving disputes related to opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Preparation of international licensing contracts, international trademark distribution, and Intellectual Property transfer agreements
  • Computerized database records of client’s international and domestic trademarks
  • Trademark policing, as needed and required by clients
  • International website domain registration and disputes

We invite you to learn more on our Trademarks FAQ page.